• Max 5 student per class
  • HSE
  • ROV industry
  • ROV components
  • € 4500 incl. VAT


2 weeks Face to face

IMCA ROV Introductory Training

Ravenna (Italy)

€ 4500 incl. VAT


IMCA Approved ROV Introductory Course for an immersive and interactive learning experience.

Through comprehensive texts, engaging videos, and detailed illustrations, we provide a rich and in-depth educational journey.

With the constant support and guidance from a qualified instructor, you are ensured continuous assistance throughout the course.

By limiting each class to only five participants, we guarantee personalized attention and optimal support to enhance your knowledge and successfully prepare you for the examination


The course is for individuals who are new to the ROV industry and are looking to pursue a career as ROV pilots or technicians.

In line with IMCA R002 guide line Trainees should meet one or more of the following requirements:

1) A nationally-recognised technical or trade qualification (military service qualification and/or an appropriate level national vocational qualification is acceptable) completed in one or more of the following subjects:

a) Electrical;
b) Electronic;
c) Hydraulics;
d) Mechanics.

and a minimum of three years’ technically relevant industrial experience (including any accepted training period) in an appropriate discipline relating to the above subjects, which should have been obtained within the previous four years;

2) A nationally-recognised, higher (tertiary) academic qualification (not otherwise covered above) in a relevant technical subject; plus a minimum of one year of technically relevant industrial experience, which can be secured as a feature of the entry into the ROV industry, i.e. a university graduate may go directly to a suitable establishment to secure the minimum of one year of relevant industrial experience, which may be with the employer;

3) In certain circumstances, candidates who do not meet the criteria above but have extensive industrial experience, or an appropriate technical qualification or industrial training course supported by evidence and references, may be acceptable.

The possess of good english communication skills both oral and written is mandatory as the course is completely in English.


In line with IMCA R002 guide line

  • Heath, safety, environment, and quality (HSEQ):
    − Awareness of the offshore industry codes of practice, legislation, and guidelines;
    − Understanding of requirements for travelling to offshore sites by helicopter;
    − Understanding of safety culture in the offshore industry;
    − Electrical safety awareness and understanding of electrical isolations including lock out/tag out systems;
    − Understanding the dangers of high energy systems (electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic) and associated good safety awareness;
    − Confidence to carry out task risk assessments (TRA) and toolbox talks (TBT) to company requirements.
  • Industry:
    − Understanding of the oil and gas industry;
    − Understanding of ROV business lines and associated requirements;
    − Awareness of offshore life on various offshore worksites/vessels;
    − Awareness of the offshore working environment of and the importance of teamwork.
  • Operations:
    − Awareness of a trainee’s duties and their role in the ROV crew;
    − Understanding of launch and recovery systems (LARS) and awareness of risks;
    − Basic ROV piloting skills including navigation, station keeping, tracking, close visual inspection, and tether management;
    − Understanding of all appropriate documentation;
    − Recognition of ROV system components;
    − Awareness of company integrated management system (IMS);
    − Awareness of contractual terms and operational impacts;
    − Understanding of the importance of good communication;
    − Understanding of ‘competence’.


Written multichoice tests.
At least 75% of the questions have to be answered correctly to pass the exam


If you pass the exam at the end of the course you will obtain the following certificate:

• IMCA ROV Introductory Training

The certificate is issued by ABEL ROV TRAINING on behalf of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), a globally respected organization within the marine contracting industry.
Holding this certificate signifies that the individual has met the necessary standards and competencies required for an entry-level position within the ROV sector.


In the cost of the course is included

  • Access to all the theoretical and practical session
  • Course Materials (course manual and study materials)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) except Safety Shoes
  • Certification and evaluation cost including IMCA ROV Introductory Course Certificate
  • Insurance
  • Lunch in the course days 
  • Support services (Career guidance, support services, administrative and logistical support during the course)

Travel, accommodation, and daily subsistence costs are usually not included in the course fee, unless explicitly stated


2 weeks
From Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00


The cost for the IMCA ROV Introductory course is € 4500 including VAT.